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Chrissy Joy

Chrissy Joy

Professional Dog Trainer & Dog Mom

Chrissy Joy is a dog mom to the @joycrew, a celebrity dog trainer, live performer, studio canine trainer, and educator through demos and workshops. A past equestrian and now dog trainer – she has over two decades of animal training experience. DOGTV is thrilled to have her sharing first-hand dog mom experience and knowledge on this fun new show, only on DOGTV!

Amber Aquart

Amber Aquart

Certified Celebrity Animal Trainer

As a professional dog trainer since 2011, Amber brings easy-to-understand, reliable, and science-backed information to her audience. She's also a pet lifestyle expert with a fur family of five @whiskeytoller (3 dogs and 2 cats) - the perfect addition to our new show, The Dog Moms!

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Episode 22: Dr. Courtney Campbell

Dr. Courtney Campbell is a highly respected expert in veterinary medicine, known for his compassionate approach and extensive knowledge. He's appeared on numerous television shows and is a sought-after speaker for his insights into animal health and wellbeing.

On this episode he'll be sharing his expertise on a particularly timely topic – canine respiratory illness. With the change in seasons and all the holiday gatherings, it's important to know how to keep our furry family members safe and healthy. Dr. Courtney Campbell provides an overview of the mysterious respiratory illness in dogs and discusses the factors influencing its attention. He explains the Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex and compares it to kennel cough. Dr. Campbell emphasizes the importance of following veterinary advice and vaccinating dogs against known pathogens. He addresses concerns about the impact of the illness on cats and the potential association with COVID-19. Dr. Campbell advises pet owners on precautions to take during holiday travels and activities


The Dog Moms Special Episode: Animals In War-Zone Israel

In this poignant special episode of The Dog Moms, hosts Chrissy and Amber delve into the often-overlooked victims of the devastating conflict in the Middle East—our four-legged friends.

Episode 20: Jess Rona

So who is Jess Rona? She's a groomer with a knack for energy reading, over 20 years of experience, and the founder of JRG Larchmont. The salon prioritizes your dog’s comfort and safety while ensuring a consistently gorgeous haircut. Jess has also produced videos that break down the grooming process into easy-to-follow steps, and she even includes self-care tips for the groomers! Let's get into the fur and fuzz of it all.

Episode 19: Sona Movsasian

Sona Movsesian is an executive assistant, media personality, and author. She’s been by Conan O'Brien's side for over 13 years, and is co hosting his podcast "Conan O'Brien needs a friend". She is the author of the New York Times Best Seller book "The World's Worst Assistant". Yes, she is super funny. And as if all of that isn't enough, she's also the pet parent to Oki, a mostly-Poodle pup with a sense of adventure and a, let's say, unique haircut! Sona balances her career, motherhood, and pet parenting with a remarkable flair, and today we're diving into all of it.

Episode 18: Arden Moore: Halloween

Meet Arden Moore, the pet guru who speaks 'dog' and 'cat' fluently! With over two decades of experience in the pet industry, Arden is a celebrated author, radio host, and certified pet behavior consultant. She has written more than 25 books on pet care and training, making her an unparalleled authority in unlocking the mysteries behind those wagging tails and twitching whiskers.

Episode 17: Melissa Shapiro

Meet Melissa, the woman behind the viral sensation that is the Pink Piglet Puppy! Melissa is a dedicated dog mom and advocate for special needs pets.

Episode 16: Almeiri Santos

Our guest today is the brilliant Almeiri Santos. She's not just any meditation teacher; she’s also a consulting hypnotist and a reiki master.

Episode 15: Dominika Knossalla-Pado

Meet Dominika Knossalla-Pado, a dedicated certified dog trainer and the brilliant mind behind 'Dog Meets Baby'.

Episode 14: Beth Cherryholmes Miller

Today we are joined by Beth Cherryholmes Miller, the founder of Wagtown. Wagtown is a company that provides pet care services to busy pet parents.

Episode 13: Samantha Cope

Samantha Cope Lawrence is a talented actress, writer, and passionate animal lover.

Episode 12: Suzi Teitelman

Suzi Teitelman is not your ordinary fitness guru. With a deep love for pets and a dedication to creating harmonious connections between humans and their furry companions, she has taken the world of pet exercise by storm.

Episode 11: Stefanie Strackbein

Meet Stefanie Strackbein, the awesome lady behind What Dogs Want, a place where dogs can have a blast doing all kinds of fun stuff.

Episode 10: Maddie Johnson

Maddie Johnson is an Emmy-winning producer, animal rescuer, and the creator of the popular Instagram account @livingwithpickles.

Episode 9: Maggie Lawson

The Dog Moms interview actress, Maggie Lawson

Episode 8: Companion Care

In this episode, dog trainers Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart dive into the world of "Companion Care", exploring the essential elements of caring for our furry friends.

Episode 7: Active Paws

Insightful discussions, practical tips, and lots of live examples with dogs from dog trainers Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart

Episode 6: Canine Comfort

Dog trainers Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart discuss key topics in the world of dogs, including health, behavioral, and nutritional issues.

Episode 5: Healthy Hound

From raising a healthy puppy to managing their behavior and weight, dog trainers Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart answer all of your doggy questions!

Episode 4: Canine Caretaker

Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart discuss phobias and anxieties in dogs.

Episode 3: Pawsitive Development

Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart dive into the world of dog care, exploring topics like nutrition, behavior, and health.

4th of July Special: Victoria Stilwell

How do you prepare your dog for the 4th of July?Dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell has the answers.

Episode 2: Furry Wellness

Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart offer valuable insights into dog parenting, discussing common questions and concerns related to raising and training dogs.

Episode 1: Canine Adventures

Dog trainers Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart explore various topics related to dog care, including food, behavior, training and more.

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Watch on your favorite streaming device to help reduce your pet's stress and anxiety.